Premium Cube Iidabashi

5 Lines that take you anywhere in the city.
Shinjuku sta. DIRECT 11mins.ACCESS
An abundantly green city, shops and businesses coexist around you - live, work and play seamlessly. That is Iidabashi.
In the middle of the Yamanote Line, Iidabashi is a residential area adjacent to the city center. Trains, taxis and highways are close by. Iidabashi: An academic district filled with history and culture.
[Room]High-quality, timeless indoor space - simple and modern color scheme.
Name PREMIUM CUBE Iidabashi #mo
Location 13-2 Shinogawamachi Shinjuku-ward Tokyo
Displayed address 4-9 Shinogawamachi Shinjuku-ward Tokyo
Transportation Tokyo Metro Tozai Line/Namboku Line/Yurakucho Line/Toei Oedo Line 'Iidabashi' Station 5mins. Walk
JR Chuo Line/Sobu Line 'Iidabashi' Station 7mins. Walk
Toei Oedo Line 'Ushigome-kagurazaka' Station 11mins. Walk
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line 'Kagurazaka' Station 12mins. Walk
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line 'Edogawabashi' Station 14mins. Walk
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line/Namboku Line/Toei Mita Line/Oedo Line 'Korakuen' Station 14mins. Walk
Zoning Residential District
Building Coverage Ratio 60% (70% due to corner regulation easing)
Floor Area Ratio 300%
Site Area 663.04㎡(7129.4sq.ft.)【register book】 715.79㎡(7696.7sq.ft.)(Including 140.05㎡private road)【Actual survey area】575.74㎡(6190.8sq.ft)【The area that is targeted for building certification】
Building Area 402.80㎡(4331.1sq.ft.)
Total Floor Area 1509.38㎡(16229.9sq .ft.)(includes exterior ratio measurement of 82.07㎡)
Structure/Scale Four-story Reinforced Concrete Building
Total Number of Units 52 Units (Includes the Management Room)
Number of Selling Units 5 Units
Purchase Price JPY 47,200,000 to JPY 51,800,000
Average Price JPY 50,000,000
Exclusive Owned Area 40.46㎡(435.1sq.ft.)~45.12㎡(485.2sq.ft.)
Balcony Area 3.32㎡(35.7sq.ft.)~8.39㎡(90.2sq.ft.)
Room Layout 1LDK
Completion Date April 21, 2015
Occupancy Date The client can move in when all the paperwork is done
Motorcycle Parking Space JPY 2,000 ⁄ month
Bicycle Parking Space JPY 1,000 ⁄ yaer
Property Rights Free Hold
Management Style Home Owner Association Consisting of all Unit Owners, with The Daily Management Tasks Consigned to A Management Company.
Management Company Veritas Investment Co., Ltd.
Management Fee JPY 12,540 to JPY 13,980 ⁄ month
Repair Fund JPY 3,230 to JPY 3,600 ⁄ month
Initial Repair Fund JPY 485,520 to JPY 541,440
Initial Management Fee JPY 12,540 to JPY 13,980
Design And Supervision REBACS Co., Ltd. (Reborn Architectural Conception and Systems), Veritas Investment Co., Ltd First-class
Construction GODA KOUMUTEN Co., Ltd.
Seller Marimo Co., Ltd.
License Number MILT (4)6032
Affiliates Hiroshima Prefectural Real Estate Transactions Federation, Chugoku Area Real Estate Fair Trade Council

Update Day: September 16, 2016